FAR directed by Brian James Crewe, written by Marion Kerr, Produced by Hugh O'Brien, starring Marion Kerr Andre Hall. A Film Crewe Production. SYNOPSIS  After a bad day at work, David literally runs into Hannah, a beautiful and strange young woman. For their first date, David nervously tries to create the perfect evening but Hannah's odd yet charming behavior turns dinner into a disaster. Trying to redeem the night, he proposes a 'do-over' and takes her on the ultimate first-date adventure. As the magical evening comes to a close, David discovers there's more to learn about Hannah than he could ever possibly imagine. After its world premiere at Dances with Films FAR has played at a over dozen festivals in the United States and recently had its European premiere at the Berlin Independent Film Festival. FAR has won awards for Best Short Film at the Fort Lauderdale and American Independent Film Festivals, Best Comedy at the Dixie Film Festival and Distinctive Achievement for Short Film, Directing - Brian James Crewe, Actress - Marion Kerr, Cinematography - George Feucht, and Ensemble Cast at the Wild Rose Film Festival.